Mr McWall

Our former students Nacho Jiménez, Juan Iglesias, Lucas Barquero and Carlos del Piñal, have sent us this intriguing and unsettling story. It's been great to get back in touch with them.


  1. PLOT: Just as Mr. Pierce is leaving the local Pub for an early return to his cottage, putting an unaccustomed early end to his evening of drinking, He encounters little Crony, the local fool/mouse, who is painting a strange face on the side of the pub. Being a good law-abiding citizen, Mr. Pierce then proceeds to reprimand Crony for his unneighbourly actions and to inform the local nobility of the issue, but in a quite unexpected manner, ends up living the most enlightening experience of his entire life.

  2. SCRIPT:
    Narrator (N.) Mr. McWall, or the highly wondrous evening of Mr. Pierce and the village Fool/Mouse known as Crony

    N A door opens

    Door sound

    Pierce (P.) Hullo Crony, what are yer doin’ on the wall?

    Crony (C.) Eing?

    P Hullo Crony, what are yer doin’ on the wall?

    C Just what I was told to

    P By whom?

    C By a faeling, sir

    P In that case, it mus be somethin’ important, was the earl informed?

    C It said not to, there was no time

    P Is that a face yera paintin’?

    C Its his face, and not anybody else’s

    Mc Aye aye, its me face, and me mouth

    P Oh, it talks, what’s yer name?

    C Yer shan’t address him in such manner, for he is yer senior for many a year. The keeper, the curator of purest knowledge

    P In that case, it’s a pleasure makin’ yer acquaintance, are yer from ‘round this parts?

    C Don’t ask, just do!

    Mc Mine time precious and scarce, Crony?

    C Master?

    Mc Bring Pierce into me mouth, and follow him

    C Aye aye master, If you will follow me Pierce?

    P Quite gladly

    Weird noises, which sound as if somebody was walking along a damp and sticky way, a path somewhat resembling a humongous tongue.

    Mc. (With his mouth full) Lethh thhhe puhherst knohhwledgehh be shhared

    Crony begins humming Auld lang Syne

    N: Thus begins the music and the singing by the three of them, Mr McWall still with his mouth full, and the songs sung are as follows: Auld Lang Syne

    All (A.):

    Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?

    Should all acquaintance be forgot for days upon lang syne?

    Somebody punches loudly on the table

    C Is this a funeral? Let’s sing together!!

    A. I’ve been a white rover for manys a year, and I’ve spent all me money, on whiskey and beer, but now I’m returnin’ with gold in great store, and I swear I will play the white rover no more

    And it’s no nay never, no nay never no more, will a play the white rover, no never no more.

    Deep unsettling laughter that comes out of nowhere

    Strange tone in the background


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