Schools in England

All the way from Austin Friars, an Augustinian school in Carlisle, our friend Stephanie explains how schools in England are.  


    1. How many students are there in Austin Friars?
    2. What’s unique about the school?
    3. What sports do they play at school?
    4. What don’t they like about their uniforms?
    5. What’s great about the school from Maria’s point of view?
    6. Where exactly is Carlisle?
    7. What is the adjective Maria uses to describe Carlisle?
    8. Where does Lucy live?

    1. ANSWER KEY:
      1. 430 students (aged 2 to 18)
      2. It’s the only Augustinian school in the UK
      3. Hockey, rugby and in summer tennis and rounders (a typical British sport similar to baseball)
      4. They’re uncomfortable
      5. The general atmosphere is happy, motivating and familiar
      6. In the county of Cumbria, in the north of England, close to the Scottish border
      7. Cosy
      8. In the Scottish countryside, in a small village in a valley surrounded by hills


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How To Participate

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