A Welsh Girl in Mexico

Karry, a former assistant teacher, is now in Mexico and updates us with everything she's been up to since she left our school


    1. Which teacher did she use to work with?
    2. Where did she work after being in our school?
    3. What was she in charge of there?
    4. How long did she stay in her first destination in Mexico?
    5. What was that place special for?
    6. What’s her job now in Cancun?
    7. Where are tourists from?
    8. What does she like best about Mexico?
    9. What does she find surprising about Mexicans?

    1. ANSWER KEY:
      1. Elena
      2. In a hostel in Nerja
      3. Finance, working after the guests, helping with the activities (like ‘tapas’ tour, etc)
      4. Two months
      5. Surfing
      6. English teacher for hotel workers
      7. USA and Europe (United Kingdom…)
      8. Warm climate and food
      9. Not all of them like spicy food

  2. What a great surprise, my sweetest Karry!!!
    Nice to hear your lovely voice again!!


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How To Participate

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